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Dr Andrew Parsons, Amanda White, Anne Pike & Aga Kehinde

Coaching in support of cancer patients and their families

Stream: Learn
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Discussion

Session on Wednesday, Apr 24, 15:25
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This workshop aims to share coaching best practice principles and key learnings from the development of coaching support for cancer patients and their families over the last four years. It will support delegates to develop their own understanding of coaching in this area, identify the key skills for needed for practitioners and processes needed to ensure the safety of clients. Outcomes from the workshop will also enable further learning and reflection to develop coaching at the Fountain Centre (UK).

With the help of experienced volunteers, over 500 coaching sessions have been delivered. From a single coach in 2014, we now have an active coaching service with several volunteers. Reflecting on the service has enabled us to understand how it is being used and to develop best practice principles. These will be shared in the following areas:

  1. The value of coaching in combination with other support services
  2. Recruitment and the professional development of volunteers (coaches)
  3. Governance, Policy Issues and Professional Standards
  4. Use of measurement and evaluation tools
  5. With approximately 1.5 million working people diagnosed in Europe each year, reflections and application of our experience will be shared for developing health and well-being strategies in Organisations.


Dr Andrew A Parsons was formerly an R&D business unit leader (VP) and an internal coach. He is an accredited Professional Medical Coach and has studied a variety of coaching models. Andrew has worked in the Fountain Centre since 2014.

Anne Pike BSc (hons) is an Occupational Therapist. Anne has been the Manager of the Fountain Centre since 2011 and has driven forward the introduction and development the cancer coaching service.

Amanda White BA (hons) was formerly HR Director, Area HR Director (Asia) and International Employee Relations Director for Abbott Laboratories and AbbVie. She is an accredited Professional Medical Coach (MCI) since 2018. Amanda has been a volunteer at the Fountain Centre since 2016.

Aga Kehinde was formerly a cancer nurse specialist and currently Macmillan Practice Educator and recently qualified coach and volunteer in the Fountain Centre.

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