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Chaired by Dr Riza Kadilar

Coaching in the digital age

Session on Thursday, Apr 25, 15:00
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This panel aims to help raise awareness of individuals about how digital is likely to impact coaching and other ‘people professions’ in the near future and also to highlight the potential impacts of technological innovation on coaching, mentoring, and supervision.

To get fully involved you can join the pre-panel poll at www.sli.do using code #DublinDigital

During the panel we will investigate:

  • How can coaches take advantage of the opportunities that technology will bring?
  • What impacts may technology have?
  • Who should be involved in this conversation?
  • Why should we change what we do already?
  • What would change mean for us?
  • What parallel processes can we identify in our practice?

Some of the following questions will be addressed during that panel: (to add your questions and answers go to www.sli.do and use code #DublinDigital)

  • What do organisations and leaders understand by ‘digital age’ and how do we define it for us in our profession?
  • How do we believe coaching will be impacted by technology?
  • How will practitioners need to evolve in the future?
  • How effective coaching can help in the digital age
  • What impact the digital age has on coaching practitioners
  • Why is coaching so important in the digital age?
  • How do we see artificial intelligence impacting the coaching industry over the short and longer terms?
  • Taking the robots out of coaches/coaching vs putting coaches/coaching into robots
  • What should be our learning from this session, what new fresh perspectives offering something actionable to take home?

The panel members include:

Dr Riza Kadilar – EMCC President, panel chair

‘What will be the impact of technology on coaching? Digital means also democratization, so I wonder how distributed, diverse and digital means for coaching: will it help coaching to offer its promise to a much larger audience? Would coaching apps like WYSA would be a solution for worldwide humanity to benefit from coaching at once?’

Tünde Erdös – EMCC International senior researcher

‘As an executive coach I work in organisations that are highly digitised: energy sector, food processing, packaging industry. At this panel I’ll be sharing my experience and inviting the audience to reflect a few questions that I am having based on the observations I have had in digitalised organisations like how I need to show up as a coach/how my work at highly digitalised organisations has impacted me as a practitioner, etc.’

Sarah McCarthy – PwC

‘My motivation is that I am extremely passionate about technology and the future of coaching; how can we be advocates for change and influence the right change needed to make sure that the world isn’t negatively impacted. I’ve led some sessions on coaching and technology, most recently one for female CEOs. It made me realise how many people don’t think about the future due to fear, or it’s not their preference and yet if we open up the dialogue we can actually shake where we are going rather than become a bystander to it. I already lead this work for PwC.’

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