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Antoinette Braks

Discover breakthrough findings in vertical development and transform your coaching presence

Stream: Transform
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Lecture

Session on Friday, Apr 26, 09:00
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Revolutionise your thinking in Vertical Learning and Adult Development by discovering

  1. The latest ground-breaking research undertaken by Terri O’Fallon on the three Tiers of Stage Development and the four recurring Learning Modes within each
  2. The results of a PhD Case Study Research Project undertaken by Antoinette Braks where nine senior executives at Achiever ignited and accelerated their post-conventional leadership development in a single year
  3. The transformational SHIFT coaching approach related to Wilber’s Integral AQAL Model incorporating The Executive Strategic Operating System (collective) and The Holistic Energy Operating System (individual).

Awaken your inner warrior to become a more conscious coach by

  • Reflecting on the stage of development from which you coach from,
  • Engaging with each other on how you might transform your coaching presence
  • Discover how to expand your own strategic perspective and open your heart, mind and spirit to uplifting your own aspirational endeavours.


Antoinette Braks is an experienced transformational coach who has completed more than 3,500 coaching hours and has in-depth expertise in the stages of leadership development, strategic business frameworks, psychodynamics, and holistic transformation. Her SHIFT Coaching methodology has been proven to expedite post-conventional leadership development amongst senior executives. She also designs and leads group coaching programs, executive team strategic off-sites, and coaching supervision.

Antoinette has undertaken stage development programmes with Susanne Cook-Greuter, Bill Torbert, and Terri O’Fallon, various diverse coaching programmes, and the Oxford Brookes Coaching Supervision Accreditation Programme. She originally qualified in Law (Hons) and Political Science, completed an MBA at London Business School, an MA in Management Research and will shortly complete her PhD with the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

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