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Jafar Akhavan-Moossavi & Mick Lavin

EMCC International – EMPOWERing Diversity and Inclusion

Stream: EMCC
Area: Mentoring & Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Experiential

Session on Thursday, Apr 25, 16:45
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The overall aim of this participative and conversational workshop is for the EMCC to engage with its members, supporters, friends, and wider stakeholders in order to co-create a more Diverse and Inclusive Coaching, Mentoring, and Supervision community of practice. This workshop is offered in conjunction with our Diversity & Inclusion stand which we invite you to visit before or after attending the workshop. We look forward to engaging with you and receiving your valuable contribution.

The workshop objectives are to provide a space for all of us as coaches, mentors, and supervisors to engage in dialogue, learn about, and reflect on

  • EMCC Diversity and Inclusion Declaration
  • How to work with the Declaration in order to reimagine and bring into existence a more diverse and inclusive practice
  • Invitation to co-create a global community of Diversity and Inclusion learning and practice.


Jafar Akhavan-Moossavi established his independent Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership development practice some 20 years ago following an enriching and highly successful senior leadership career in a number of diverse public, government, civil society, non government organisations, and think tanks. He has been able to continue promoting and practicing values based, ethical, and inclusive approach to leadership, change, development, coaching, mentoring, and supervision in an ever increasingly complex world. Jafar has worked with a large number of organisations, from SMEs to those operating internationally as well as with central and local government and the wider public sector from police service to the education sector in the UK. He regards it a privilege to be working with his clients as they create and navigate their own pathways towards achieving results and paying attention to and transforming the lives, experiences and ambitions of their colleagues, local, and global communities.

Jafar has been an EMCC International volunteer for a number of years. He has contributed to a number of initiatives and developments. In addition to the development of the EMCC Diversity and Inclusion Declaration, Jafar was one of the founding members of EMCC UK’s education forum. He has initiated, promoted, designed, developed, led, and delivered the highly acclaimed annual EMCC UK Conference dedicated to ‘good’ coaching, mentoring, and supervision in universities and the wider Higher Education sector. Jafar is committed to being an advocate for London’s homeless rough sleepers. Jafar continues to support, through coaching and mentoring, young adults as they decide, towards the end of their formal schooling, on their next steps.

Mick Lavin is an Internal Coach & Mentor and Agile Team Coach with a background in technology and International Business. He is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the Business Agility Institute, and a certified trainer for the Lean Kanban University.

Mick joined the EMCC International Quality team as a volunteer in late 2016 to jointly develop the Diversity & Inclusion declaration. He has also recently taken a role in the Mentoring team. Mick is an avid learner and tries to stay current with the latest advances in his fields of interest. These include Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership & Management, Emotional Intelligence, Agile, Cognitive Performance, and the hi-tech industry.

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