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Julie Allan

How to use self to maximum effect in coaching

Stream: Learn
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Experiential

Session on Wednesday, Apr 24, 17:00
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‘Use of self as an instrument of change’ is a high-level, powerful coaching skill – yet little practical guidance exists about how to develop self-awareness, skill and practice in this area. This new and exciting session answers the practical questions of showing how to develop the skills to use self effectively within coaching. Julie will share her fascination with this topic and how this led her on an intense journey of personal and professional development, culminating in the creation of her own model (published in the July 2015 edition of The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy’s journal ‘Coaching Today’). Improving skills in this area benefits our profession, our practice, our coachees and the achievement of their goals. This workshop combines theory and experiential learning to enable attendees to realise for themselves who and how they are, and how their self is a useful instrument of change which can be used in coaching to incredible effect. Attendees will take away insights, questions and ideas to improve self-awareness and skill via their on-going continuing personal and professional development. Attendees will REFLECT on themselves and their practice, LEARN how to raise self-awareness and develop their use of self in coaching, TRANSFORMING them and their practice.


Julie Allan is a business leader whose passion for coaching became her career when she created Julie Allan Coaching. Previously, she was a board-level Director in the rail, legal and water industries, and held senior roles in financial services. Julie is an experienced, qualified, EMCC EIA accredited, achievement-oriented, international commercial executive coach, and team coach. Julie’s playful yet professional style, her high energy and humour create a powerful and fun learning environment that delivers growth and change. Julie is brave, and encourages this in others, enabling them to be their very best. She is supportive and challenging, to help coachees achieve their goals. She brings all that she is to her work. Julie believes in the innate health, wisdom and capability of everyone. She helps clients reconnect with their best selves, improving performance and resilience – by listening deeply and using appropriate models to raise self-awareness. Profound learning, lasting change and improvement result, as clients unlock their potential & achieve. Julie uses a Gestalt-psychology based approach and is an accredited Three Principles practitioner. Julie’s passion for continuous learning and everyone’s ability to learn, change and grow shows in her commitment to her constant personal and professional development and evolution.

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