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Anja Puntari & Cristina Nava

Introduction to emotional awareness in coaching, through the use of flowknow® business coaching cards

Stream: Learn
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly experiential

Session on Friday, Apr 26, 09:00
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‘I Feel, Therefore I Am Able'(Sento Dunque Posso) is an experiential journey through the human emotions using the flowknow® business cards, an exclusive tool that was developed by Anja Puntari – Contemporary Artist and Senior Business Coach. Thanks to the flowknow® toolkit the participants will be able to experiment with the effectiveness and powerful results visual aids play when used to facilitate coaching sessions. The participants will experience and become part of a co-learning session where we focus on our emotional dimension thanks to the use of colors, artworks, and emotions displayed on the cards: How do I feel right now? How would I call that feeling? Is there an underlying secondary feeling?. The workshop is aimed mainly at coaches that are looking for an effective and innovative tool that will allow their coachees to become aware of their emotions and to extend their emotional vocabulary.


Anja Puntari is a contemporary artist and a Senior Business Coach at Performant by SCOA, one of the biggest business coaching companies in Italy. For the past five years she has experimented with visual facilitation tools and the power of contemporary artworks as triggers in business coaching. Her knowledge on how visuals work in coaching is a result of the coaching sessions with her clients and the first hand experience of her colleagues at Performant by SCOA.

Cristina Nava is an Executive Business Coach at Performant by SCOA. She specialises in Organisational Culture Change and has extensive experience dealing with behavioural change, personal development and leadership. She is passionate about organisational psychological dynamics. She completed the Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change at the Tavistock Institute in London.

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