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Sue Halden-Brown

Mistakes management and their transformative potential in coaching

Stream: Transform
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Lecture

Session on Thursday, Apr 25, 10:55
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Mistakes-management is the analysis of the very different types of mistakes, the multiple reasons for making them, and the highly-specific adjustments required to address them. Should the coach’s or the client’s assessment of mistakes be stereotyped or superficial, it is highly likely that they will make similar mistakes in the future. Hence, the ongoing content of many coaching sessions, the challenges of developing effective behavioural shifts (most have been shown to last only five years), the difficulties faced by clients in re-framing their mistakes and the common obstacles encountered in helping them re-purpose their efforts. It is popularly assumed that mistakes contribute to individual and collective learning, so precisely what is learned, the actual cost of that learning, and evaluation of alternative learning pathways, is necessarily part of the mistakes-management equation. Mistakes-management empowers the individual, mitigates the impact of mistakes and reduces the occurrence of serial mistakes. It builds a workplace culture of innovative thinking and dynamic action, which gives all parties a powerful strategic advantage over their competitors. For the coach, mistakes-management adds an exciting new dimension to their skills portfolio, enabling them to tightly target mistakes and facilitate immediate, lasting results, whether on an individual or corporate scale.


Sue Halden-Brown is a former Olympic coach, from a world where mistakes are measured in millimetres and medals won or lost in milliseconds, who developed her concept of mistakes-management as a tool to gain a competitive edge in high-performance competition. As a professional coach, mentor, and successful business-woman, Sue quickly recognised that mistakes-management generalised not only across elite-level sport, but to the business world and beyond. This led to her developing contextualised mistakes-management tools within her coaching practice which grew to include high-performance clients from six Olympic sports, business and the arts. Sue is an internationally-published author, university guest lecturer, and conference presenter. She has just launched the first global hub for equestrian coach education and professional development resources, having contributed some 400,000 words on best practice coaching and mistakes-management for high-performing coaches. Her next book includes several chapters on the self-coaching of mistakes-management together with some innovative new coaching tools. Sue lives and writes on a beautiful rural property in southern Australia but travels extensively to conferences around the world in pursuit of her continuing professional development and in order to enjoy the stimulating company of creative coaching colleagues in the high-performance worlds of sport and business.

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