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Dilek Er Taşkent

NSPMethod – know your brain, know yourself….and transform yourself

Stream: Transform
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Workshop

Session on Friday, Apr 26, 09:00
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We are living in an age where for the first time in history our species holds its own destiny in its hands. We will do this not with the help of artifacts, chanting, or praying. But with the help of NEUROSCİENCE studies and technologies. One of the most important issues mankind has to handle is ‘him-herself’. And neuroscience with its new knowledge is helping to understand the principles of self-coaching which in return will help us to solve all the other problems which are cumulated around ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings, decisions, memories are all results of our neuronal circuits which are involved with them. So understanding them and how we can affect or change them is maybe the golden key in self-coaching. By learning and understanding the main principles of our brains like neuroplasticity and rational-emotional brain circuits we will better understand ourselves and how we can maintain change in our behaviours.

NSPMethod is a combination of coaching tools for self talking. You will learn how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are born in your brain and how you can change them with simple tricks. The knowledge of simple neuroscientific findings alone is the biggest most important and an effective way for this (which has been proven in many papers). Know your brain, know yourself….and transform your self.


Dilek Er Taşkent spent 22 years in BP before deciding to become a coach 10 years ago. Graduating three coaching and mentoring schools helped to develop her coaching skills and set up her own consultancy firm and coaching services in 2009. She has been delivered coaching programmes while giving coaching services for executives all around the world with the use of the Birkman assessmnet tool. She is an active member of EMCC. Dilek focuses on neuroscience by continuing her training in neurobiology at a university in Chicago. Talentspot and NSPmethod are the tools that she founded and still shares on many platforms to motivate people.

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