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Dr Jacqueline McCartney

Reflection and reflexivity – what’s the difference?

Stream: Learn
Area: Coaching & Mentoring
Type: Workshop
Style: Experiential

Session on Thursday, Apr 25, 10:55
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Reflection and reflexivity – what’s the difference? Why does it matter that as a coach or mentor, I appreciate the difference? Isn’t this
just an academic exercise in word-smithing? Within the coaching process, the invitation to the coachee is typically to move beyond
mere observation or recounting of an experience or situation to explore underlying assumptions and beliefs. Subject to coaching
style and approach, this may facilitate deeper consideration of contextual factors, enabling consideration of fresh perspectives,
options and choices.

Alongside such consideration, the challenge of updating and enriching long-standing frames of reference may
be taking place. During such a process, the coach is facilitating the coachee to think reflexively about self and the system of which
they are a part and by which as a coachee, they are being influenced whilst affecting it. Reflexivity does not offer a single, distinct,
familiar perspective; rather it brings forth consideration of a variety of perspectives from a range of angles, inviting the coachee to
scrutinize the light and the dark, to pursue the magic of confusion and ambiguity and to distill the output of scrutiny into the reality of
experience. In support of ethical practice and personal accountability, how do I as a coach practice reflexivity for myself?

This session will offer an opportunity to explore the topic and for each to attendee to consider how, why, and when in support of personal
development, learning and growth.


Dr Jacki McCartney is a global Organisation Development consultant/practitioner, with a track record of creating and implementing
effective OD strategies to deliver outstanding results and build high performing organisations, teams and individuals. Whether in
developed or emerging markets, she enjoys utilising my interpersonal, leadership, and professional consulting capabilities to work with
people who are curious about and ambitious for self, their practices and their organisations. Her practice is rooted in systemic,
transformational change with strong academic credentials and powerful client endorsements. Described as client centred, practical,
and highly supportive, her integrated approach is collaborative and delivers results for business, professional and personal
development and growth for my clients and their stakeholders. Ethically, she also wants to highlight that as Kegan in conversation with
Bachkirova (2009, p.16) acknowledged, personal growth and learning can, on occasion, be uncomfortable – ‘there will be growing
pains’ but in partnership with her clients, it’s a shared journey!

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